Fuelled by internet and devices, our activities are more connected. Video calling, emailing and posting became inseparable parts of our lives! At the same time, we are always on the move – to work, over the weekend, on a holiday, visiting family and friends or attending a social event. So, Mobility is the need of the today! No wonder most of us choose to give a break to metro or a long drive to office some times a month. While 4G and 5G technologies force us reimagine the possibilities of data speeds for connectivity and mobility, we are seeing growth in virtual spaces & virtual reality.

In construction, automobiles, media productions and gaming industry one can feel the surge in connected commerce.


While the consumers open up to innovative connected commerce technologies like hologram, 3D conferencing and others, enabling professionals to come together and build awesomeness using various collaboration platforms becomes a new game!

Emails, instant messages, meetings and calls go beyond the boundaries of establishments within cities (may be even countries). Our interactions at work become closer to realtime message exchange through innovation in communication channels, data sharing and tooling. Experts in niche skills can reach global initiatives. Highly trained dynamic teamsĀ  can be formed instantly! Experts can also quote and obtain competitive pricing.

We, at Samyojya, are building an open collaboration initiative. We are re-imagining the possibilities of working together remotely.


Stay tuned!

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