Flexibility is the mantra of today.

We want to reduce commute. We want to spend more time with family. Or we want to manage time across diverse businesses. So we want to plan our lifestyle to suit our preferences.

Organizations are rethinking productivity, motivation, impact and collaboration in a new perspective – Are we flexible enough?

If you are a project head, how do you connect with the skilled professionals? Do you hire them? Do you tap on your professional network to screen them initially?


How much of flexibility do I have in picking my partnerships with skilled work groups? Based on our market survey so far, this is a snapshot of impressions from the project experts we have interacted with.


There is an opportunity that we are exploring in the project management ecosystem.  A good mix of in-house, consulting and gig modes of engaging professionals. Advancements in connectivity, digitalization of tools and familiarity with online services fuels global engagement. Diversified talent and globalization of economies provide a better scope for sharing expertise and accelerating productivity in the modern digital collaboration scenario!

Let us know what you think in the comments.

Feel free to reach us at product@samyojya.com

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