I believe all software is built after a debate among the designers (developers/engineers) and system (hosting server/container/system) in incremental steps – unit by unit. We consult for companies/individuals who require software systems for their everyday needs. Some of them for their businesses and some of them for their daily needs.

I hear, “It doesn’t matter what platform it is on! I just need something that works. I have my salaries to pay end of the month and a business to run.”

Some of our clients do not just want a software that works. They want software that is not only functionally sound but also looks good, feels good, fast and snappy.

They say,

“I don’t want to upgrade it every other week”.

“It doesn’t seem to work too well on this version of Ubuntu”.

“Oh! You are upgrading to Python 3? No way!”

So I say, “What works for you works for us. I enable you to solve your problems! It could be an issue with your server or an issue with your code or even with your process or architecture. I can find people who will solve it for you.”

And then I hear “…Ah! Interesting. Then you must be costly!”

Then I say, “Depends. Let me tell you what we need to do now. We can talk about numbers later.”

I can’t help listening to my engineering inner voice shouting inside the head. “Do you really think you can under-price it if the discussion gets there?”

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